Family Law

Our lawyers are experienced and specialise in all legal issues relating to family and matrimonial matters. Family matters are highly sensitive and emotional in nature which require careful management. Our lawyers are well trained to handle such delicate issues and will do their best to journey with their clients throughout to ensure an optimal outcome for them.

Apart from divorce, our lawyers can also offer sound advice on related family services such as change of name, adoption of children, financial and property settlement, child custody, family violence, writing wills and power of attorneys and probate matters.

Our lawyers also handle cross-jurisdictional family disputes whereby foreign lawyers are engaged to work towards a collaborative method to achieve an outcome in the best interests of the parties and especially the children who are caught in the dispute. Our lawyers are also very mindful of the negative impact that litigation may have on the children in the long term. To this end, our lawyers have also been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Programme to adopt a mindset of conciliation and work towards mediation so as to reduce the acrimony between parties arising from litigation.